Monday, May 19, 2008


Just a hat?

While browsing British news, I came across a story about Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly's royal wedding.

What are these people wearing on their heads? Look at Princess Beatrice who is wearing an entomological display on her head. Is this just a hat? No! From her example, I think we can glean a few lessons on fashion.

Number 1: Girlfriends are important. When you pick the outfit you will wear to a royal wedding, it is imperative to consult at least one friend whose taste in fashion you can trust. Obeying this rule can prevent many disasters.

Number 2: An accessory is not cute just because it is made by a designer.

Number 3: When you attend a wedding, don't try to outdo the bride's headpiece. When you attend a royal event, don't try to outdo the Queen's headpiece.

Thank you, Princess Beatrice for this very relevant and useful lesson in fashion.
I do like your hair.


  1. Wow! Do you think she's hoping to fly on out of there?

  2. thanks amy. I bought that hat last week. I almost wore it to your party... good thing I went with a headband instead.


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