Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a FULL day. I started out at the Florence Nightingale Museum. Nurses are amazing. Then I walked along the Thames to the Tate Britain. They were having a "Drawing From Turner" workshop, and I tried my hand at copying Turner's "Steamboat Departing from a Pier." After I finished, my sketch was put on display. Now I can say I have had my art displayed at the Tate Britain!
There is my sketch. Not the best, but I was trying to hurry and did not use an eraser.

After the Tate, I took the Thames Clipper back to Waterloo. I did it just so I could say I have cruised the Thames. I liked it. Of course I stood on the deck to get the full wind-in-my-hair experience. I then took the Northern Line to Camden, where I went back to the market to get my mom a gift. I know she will love it!

Camden Lock

Then I headed to the British Library, where I was able to see original documents by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Mozart and The Beatles, as well as other significant documents like the Lindisfarne Gospels. I was disappointed that I did not get to see an original Hamlet text. I guess it just was not being exhibited today.

I then stopped in at King's Cross to see Platform 9 3/4. It really exists. I told you Harry Potter was real.

Then I went to the Wellcome Collection, another medical museum. I saw some really old skeletons that used to be buried in London. Some of them dated back to the Roman Britain (around 200 - 400 A.D.). I also saw some other old and new medical stuff. This included a lock of King George III's hair. (If you don't know the significance of this, Wiki it.) I also saw a Van Gough etching of his doctor, Paul Gachet.

The Wellcome Collection is open late on Thursdays, which is why I was able to fit it in today. After a long day, I took the Circle Line home, stopping on the way for a late dinner.

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  1. THE BEATLES?!?! what WAS it? and do you have a picture???????????


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