Saturday, August 2, 2008

Buckingham Palace and The Mouse Trap

Yesterday I went with Kelsey and Abby to tour the Buckingham Palace State Rooms, which were opened up to the public this week while the Queen is in Balmoral. The ballroom is set up for a State Banquet, which was really fun to see. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed in the palace, so I don't have any visuals. I am really glad I went. I was able to see (more like hear) the changing of the guard from inside the courtyard. I was fascinated with the idea that the Queen actually lives in the immaculate palace. I wonder if she walks down her hall and says to herself, my Rembrandts are looking really nice today in this lighting.

I took Kelsey and Abby to Borough Market since they had not yet experienced the brownies. I love the sights and smells and people at markets.

I also went to see The Mouse Trap at St Martin's Theatre. I loved it! I cannot believe that I almost left London without seeing it. I sat on the front row of the circle. It was such a great experience. You can ask and ask, but I will never tell whodunnit.

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