Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jumpy waffle an omen?

This morning at a much-too-early hour, I made an elegant breakfast of frozen waffles. The problem was that one of them flew in a parabolic arch out of the toaster and into that narrow, dirty crack in between the fridge and the counter. You know the one I am talking about: it collects lint and crumbs and other random objects and is only cleaned out once a decade when you pull out the fridge to clean behind it. This was the place I found my breakfast. I tried fitting my arm in the crack far enough to retrieve the waffle. Then I used my fork to try to reach it. I finally had to resort to a broom. I am a stressed-out tightwad who found myself in a bit of a time crunch, but even I couldn’t bring myself to salvage the dusty gray waffle.

Was this an omen for how my day would go? My day was fairly bizarre. I spent the day working with mentally ill criminals. Or, should I say, people who are mentally ill who have committed serious crimes. I think there are more bizarre days in store for me, but compared to the average worker, I suppose I have some better stories. Too bad I cannot publish them.

Tomorrow morning I think I will go for something more sensible, like cereal or egg whites.


  1. ALSO... i saw you driving again, and this time i flailed my arms to get your attention. you continued driving while your passenger (a girl?) waved back at me... but really i don't think she knew me.

    I would say you need to pay attention to me next time, but really that means you are a good, concentrated driver. So good job. Ignore me again next time we pass.

  2. Amy, your story made me laugh. I've got to clean that crack, too!

  3. Once, in our 350 square-foot basement apartment, a picture of Jesus fell into that very crack. He was a bit shaken up, but no worse for the wear.


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