Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lost and Found Part II

The list continues.

Found: old family pictures, like this one of my great-great grandmother. What a treasure!

image-6 Found: a way to watch old-school “Jeopardy!” episodes online. (I know I am a nerd.)

Lost: the planet Pluto. Found: the planet Pluto. Lost: the planet Pluto. Why can’t I find any recent episodes of “Jeopardy!” online? While I’ll take whatever I can get, it is hard to keep up with the old times. Is Pluto still a planet? Who was the current leader/figurehead/monarch of various countries when this episode was aired? Are CD’s invented yet? Of course, no one knows about Ken Jennings yet.

Found: two Robin’s eggs. What a delight! They were abandoned by their mother, and I knew I was meant to adopt them. I put them in Buffy’s nest, hoping she would not mind two extra eggs to sit on. WRONG. The little wench pecked both eggs open and ate the contents. Yet, she still is broody and sits on her own little brown eggs.

26 April 09 (26) Buffy may look sweet and innocent, but I assure you: she is not.


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  2. Last time I checked you were still eating Buffy's eggs!


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