Monday, June 1, 2009


The editor of this blog would like to apologize for any slights which may have been previously made concerning Buffy the bird. After feeding her lots of worms, we are now tight. We even go on evening walks together.

As an added bonus, two robins are building a family just outside my bedroom window.

29 May 09 (46)


  1. Cute! By the way, I told Kyle about you trying to get Buffy to hatch the robin's egg but she ate it instead. He says that if Buffy is setting on her own egg/eggs then you can put a different egg in her nest and she will care for it like her own, even when it hatches. It will only work if she has her own eggs in the nest first.

  2. Amy. Remember freshman year when we woke up to the birds outside your window? I hope they don't learn to chirp too loudly, cause the chirping might turn into a squawk!


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