Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is my arm.

10 July 2009 (3)

Hello arm. You are still tied to a leash. Maybe next post I will show you a picture of The Pole, a.k.a. Kevin, Henry, Lecherous Swine, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. Sometimes you are tied down for fourteen or sixteen hours a day. Sometimes it seems like much longer. Your pole has even invaded your dreams, becoming a main character at times. Strange.

Drip. Drip. Drip.





  1. That picture is pretty cool... they're making you bionic, aren't they.

  2. boo. i'm sorry.

    you never responded to my email.

  3. amy lee. this picture makes me sad, but i like how somehow it still made me laugh with all of your nicknames for the pole. that is one reason i like you.

    also, your hair looks fabulous in those pics where you were a bridesmaid. i am about 1 more bad hair day away from chopping mine--you are my inspiration.

  4. I miss thee dear Marie.
    I will see you soon i hope!
    Once work becomes a little less stressful and my bank account a little more full, I will sojourn your way.

  5. Hi Amy. I'm agreed with Camille - your humor and quick wit make me smile as I see you act so light heatedly midst the pain. Hang in there, love.


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