Thursday, August 27, 2009

Manipulating the dog

Life skills number 472:
Trick the dog into being brushed by making her jealous.
Snuggles does not like being brushed, however Lucy the cat comes to me everyday to be brushed. This morning, the dog was so jealous of the attention I was giving Lucy that Snuggles did a little dance until I brushed her. Matted in her curls, I found dried scrambled eggs and a piece of something that may have been a dead worm.
Trick the dog into thinking her dog food is a treat.
Snuggles spends 61.4 percent of her life foraging for food. (The other 30 percent is spent sleeping and 0.6 percent spent pretending to be tougher than the cat.) After scouring the kitchen floor and the back yard, her dog food comes as a last resort. A few months ago, after having doggie dental care, Snuggles’ dog food had to be softened with water. As I prepared the food, I enthusiastically talked to her about her “special food.” To this day, I can get her to excitedly chow down her kibbles n’ bits by preparing “special food.”
Find the dog using cheese.
Sometimes Snuggles evades capture if she thinks she might have to go to her bed. Other times she is just too lazy to get up and respond to my calls. However, there is one sure way to get her to come: open the fridge, pull out a bag of cheese and unzip the bag. She’ll come running, expecting some bites of cheese. Works every time.


  1. How awful it must be to have your life broken up into percentages and not have it add up to be 100%

  2. oh snuggles. what a delightful little dog.


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