Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Foggy morning

Today's look at autumn was taken on a street which leads to my neighborhood. The drizzling rain stopped long enough for me to take a few shots.

What do you think about the stop sign in the photo? I did not intend for its presence to send some sort of message; it was just there. If I were to edit out the stop sign, then the scene would not be real. I wanted this photo to be an accurate view of my neighborhood street. Feedback?


  1. Hey, theres a stop sign in that photo...

  2. I say leave the stop sign. I love the picture. Tell all the leaves to stay that color and on the trees until next week when I can see them!

  3. i like the stop sign b/c it kind of makes me want to tell the fog and rain to stop! :) nice pic


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