Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tales from the Thrift . 3

One Dollar Pregnancy

A shopping trip last week took me to another discount store. As I browsed a few aisles, a pregnancy test caught my eye. The price: one dollar. I wondered how accurate a one-dollar pregnancy test would be. What is the difference between this brand and other brands which cost twenty dollars?  I continued browsing and did not think about it again.

Several minutes later, I went into the public restroom (a gamble, I know, but my two bottles of water were talking). In the garbage can, on top of used paper towels, I saw an open pregnancy test box. Yes, the one-dollar pregnancy test had been stolen and used in the discount store bathroom. For the thief's sake, I hoped it was accurate.

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  1. let's just hope that person bought the pregnancy test and was so nervous/excited about it that they couldn't wait to get home to try it and used their bathroom. ha. great story though, and since pregnancy is such a life-changing event, i'd rather spend the 20 bucks and make sure it was accurate rather than some flimsy one dollar stick. :)


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