Monday, February 8, 2010

Silent treatment

I have been giving Haven Kimmel the silent treatment. I am so mad at her! I finished reading She Got Up Off the Couch and I felt stranded, left high and dry in the middle of Indiana's nowhere. No homemade bike or Herbal Essences Bug to take me home. How could she do that to me, especially after what Zippy's dad did to me? What about Lindy and her marriage? What about Lindy's babies? How will Zippy come of age as she deals with the challenges in her family life? Worst of all, how could Zippy just leave me like that? We were best friends and now Zippy is gone.

Ms. Kimmel, get off the couch! It has been three years since we last heard from Zippy. I need Zip. Get off the couch and write the next book.

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  1. Speaking of silent treatment! How are you, love? As communicated through FB, I have presents for you, and I think you'll like them so we should arrange a rendez-vous!


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