Thursday, August 26, 2010

This girl needs sleep

We have only one week left before I succumb to my matrimonial fate, and I'm not getting my beauty rest. Before my surgery, I was not able to sleep through the night because of pancreatic pain. It would wake me up around 2 or 3 a.m. and I often would not be able to go back to sleep for several hours.

My surgery went well, so it is not usually pain that wakes me up, I just wake up and cannot go back to sleep. Maybe my body is now in the habit of having a strange sleep schedule, but I object! I am so tired, but can't sleep. Crankiness is bound to ensue, and poor Ryan and family then have to deal with a grumpy, snappy and pathetic version of myself.

I hereby petition to end all sleep troubles. From now on, I must sleep well or heads will roll!


  1. Shall I pick you up an over-the-border remedy while I'm still here in Mexico?

    If not that, there's always Vatsnick. :) ("Bye-bye, George, see you next Wednesday!!!")

  2. Ugh, not being able to sleep is the worst :( Hopefully you'll be able to sleep better soon! Fortunatly, you don't need the sleep for're beautiful and I know you'll make a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!


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