Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion opinion from the fashionless

What one wears to an awards show seems to be more important than the actual awards. At least that's the idea I get when I look at any news source in the days following the red-carpet walk.

I don't think a single person on this planet would consider me a fashionista. I do not own fancy jeans or new shoes. My closet is home to polos, cardigans and a few random skirts and dresses. Amy, you are embarrassing yourself! Most of my clothes are several years old. Why I am digging myself deeper and deeper? Lately I have found myself sporting sweat pants and jackets, with a pair of blue slippers.

That said, I am still going to offer my unsolicited opinion about fashion at the Golden Globes. Won't this be fun?

Lea Michele made HuffPost's Worst-Dressed list. What was the nut case on when he or she made that absurd decision?
She's wearing a pink dress with ruffles. Pink. Ruffles. Need I say more?

Everyone seemed to like Angelina Jolie's breakout from her usual black. I say it is a little too Oz for me.

Not much was said about Nicole Kidman's dress. I think it is fabulous.
Simple. Understated. Classy.
The only thing it needs is pink.

Well friends, I think we have wasted enough time on this subject. Time to get back to more important issues.


  1. I actually think that if the first girl cut off the whole side-tail-thingee, she'd look pretty cute. You agree?

  2. Side-tail-thingee or not, I really like the pink. It does look a bit like a train for a wedding gown, though.


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