Saturday, January 22, 2011

Imaginary gardens

Christmas is over, which means the next big thing for me to look forward to is gardening. Part of me cannot believe I am saying that. When I was a tween, I thought my mom forced to to help in the yard and garden as a clever way of embarrassing me. Now I look out at my empty pots and think about how dirty I am going to get when I prepare the soil for this year's plantings. Lovely!

The Spring catalog from Gurneys arrived last week and I read it cover to cover. These Winona giant June-bearing  strawberries have a hint a peach flavor. They were developed by scientists at the University of Minnesota.

My husband introduced me to some iPhone games I could play to hold me over until Spring, including Farm Story. Here is a corner of my little farm:

I can grow lots of produce without pulling a single weed! I even have two chickens and a lamb.

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