Monday, February 7, 2011

Beaver bump

I did not watch the Super Bowl yesterday. Why would I? However, I do have a favorite Super Bowl commercial, thanks to Internet ad contests.
Isn't this beaver just darling? If the beaver salute (:9) isn't cute enough for you, just wait 'til you see the beaver bump (:24)!

Photo from

I have a recent increased love for beavers because I finally watched Beavers: IMAX. Ironically, I watched it on my little computer screen through Netflix. These semi-aquatic rodents work long hours, building and protecting their dams and lodges. Their broad tail looks like a flipper. Beavers create ponds and wetlands, and lots of other little creatures are able to make the pond or wetland their home, too.
Did you know beavers are closely related to squirrels, according to scientists, that is. I wonder how they became related in the first place. A romantic relationship between a beaver and a squirrel would prove to be very difficult, especially because beavers mate for life. Their children would have an even harder time in life. Would they climb trees or cut them down?

Video: "How Beavers Build a Lodge," narrated by Sir David Attenborough

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