Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Fever

I have a severe case of Spring Fever, which currently feels very similar to Cabin Fever. I cannot believe it is not even March yet!

Shakespeare, in Much Ado About Nothing, wrote: A February face, so full of frost, of storms, of cloudiness...
I love the alliteration on a hard "f" sound, which augments the statement's harsh tone. By the end of February, my insides feel all stormy and cloudy, full of frost, yearning to warm up to welcome Spring. As a side note, Much Ado is my favorite of the Bard's comedies.

I did a little tweaking to this graphic, which features a Shakespearian quote about the month of March. (Don't worry, it was legal.)

Keep hanging in there! Soon the daffodil and crocus will announce the coming of Spring with all its beauty!

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