Friday, March 18, 2011

Buffy eggs

My little chicken, Buffy, has started laying her eggs on the stoop for the dog door. I think it is so cute; it is as if she knows I am going to gather her eggs, so she leaves them for me where I can reach them without even going outside. 
Buffy loves working along side me in the garden. The other day, she was right next to me as I prepared the soil to plant peas. She scratched in the dirt and ate lots of worms and bugs. Suddenly she took off, which is unusual for her. I followed after her and found her on the dog-door stoop. She must be ready to lay an egg, I thought. I continued to occasionally check on her while I gardened. It took the poor little girl over two hours to push that egg out. That is a lot of work for such a little bird.
By the way, I have entered Buffy into the fancy poultry association bird show coming up in a few weeks. To me, she is a prize-winning bird. We'll see if the judges think so.

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  1. Now all you need to do is train Snuggles to bring the eggs in the house for you.


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