Friday, March 11, 2011

Must share

In my Google Reader list, one will find a blog called "Awful Library Books." I am a bibliophile, but have I taken things too far? I don't think so. The blog is written by two librarians who "weed out" outdated and irrelevant library books. Being a library junkie myself, I particularly relate to seeing ridiculous books on library shelves, while being frustrated that updated and new materials are not available. I also get frustrated with months-long waiting lists, although this is slightly diverging from the topic. 

Here is the cover from yesterday's featured book:

The book's call number was in the 300's with other relationship advice books, while it should have been in the 800's with other humor books.

One more example (I couldn't resist)
In this book, which claims to explain the "easy way to a perfect figure," a picture illustrates the principle of exercising while chatting on the phone. Just move those feet up and down!

Here is an exercise to increase your bust line. Oh joy!
If you, too, are a library junkie or bibliophile, or if you are just looking for comedic relief, check out the blog.

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