Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick days

I have been sick for the past several days - sicker than usual. I have not been at full health since I was a passenger in a 2007 auto accident. Anyway, I have a cold, which, because of my poor health, is very rough on my body. I always seem to take longer than would be expected to recover and my pancreas is always affected. The effects on my pancreas will last far longer than these head-cold symptoms.

To distract myself, I have been reading Anne Tyler's Back When We Were Grownups and Ryan rented Tangled for us to watch together.

Tonight I was browsing through some friends Facebook pictures. I started to feel left out, feeling like the people I went to college with are doing great things and living life. Why am I stuck in some sort of half life? This is not the life of the Amy I know. Why am I trapped inside an injured, sick, tired body?

I stop right there. I know from experience that everyone has problems, even if from outward appearances they seem to be doing well. It is not fair to judge my situation compared to anyone else. Despite my trials, I do have many blessings, including the love of family and friends and my wonderful, caring husband.


  1. Amy, I want you to know two things:
    1. I love you!
    2. I look up to you and think you are just fabulous.

  2. Amos, hang in there. Keep LIVING! Are you liking Anne Tyler?


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