Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moving to Maryland

Ryan has accepted a job as a ----- for the ---. He will be working in --------. So that means we will be living in the D.C. metro area, on the Maryland side. (Update: I can't tell you ----. I can tell you the time frame is indefinite.)

I am so proud of Ryan. He has been working really hard to get this job. We are both very excited for our adventure together. We are looking forward to seeing several friends who also live in the area and we are also looking forward to living in the state with the coolest flag ever. The D.C. area is fabulous, and you'll be hearing lots from me as I explore.

We fly out on 3 December, which does not give us a lot of time to prepare for our move. I have found temporary, furnished housing for us. We are still trying to figure out the rest of many details.

I am happy and excited, but also frazzled and overwhelmed about everything we have to do. The biggest weight on my shoulders is how much stuff I have. I have been of the attitude make do or do without, which means I don't get rid of things in case I might need it in the future (a euphemism for being a pack-rat). This leads to collections of scraps of fabric, paper and ribbon; jeans that no longer fit or are worn out; I have an unusually large collection of travel-size and sample-size beauty products (mostly handed down to me); I own nine combs (four broken from my shrub-like masses of hair) and five hair brushes; a dozen purses, some more than five years old; a box of stationery separate from lots of office supplies; rolls of pink tulle from my wedding and I also saved all the wedding cards we were given; I own about a dozen vintage tins I use for potting flowers and a dozen other flower pots. So much stuff!

I am distressed that I am am not able to take all my home canned goods. I have spent so much time on my grape vines and bottling jars of a most magical potion. My mom and I did apples for pie and lots of applesauce. My mom makes the most wonderful spaghetti sauce. All that harvest labor, and I will not get to enjoy the benefits.

No grape juice. No apple pie. No applesauce. No spaghetti sauce.

Of course I could buy these things, but they do not even come close to comparing to homegrown, homemade goods. Sigh.

I own copious amounts of books and several quilts and they are all coming with me. Non-negotiable.


  1. So legit. Wow, I'm excited for you guys! Good luck with the move.

  2. Congrats congrats congrats! I'm excited for you because I think it will be good for your soul to have a new (and as a bonus, historical!) place to explore. It's so you.

    PS. If I had to choose between taking food and books, I'd take the food! haha, but maybe the glass jars would break...Anyway, congrats again and good luck! Take the move one baby step at a time!

  3. If I had to choose between taking food and books, I would take the books. But I don't have a choice because the government will not allow us to move our home canned goods.


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