Monday, December 5, 2011

Cinder block cell

Saturday we took a taxi to Post then checked in to our temporary housing. Some cleaning guy took us in a random van to our hall. We pulled up to the building shown above. 

Immediately I thought, Back up the bus! I am not living in a boarded-up shack-in-the-woods! I had been warned about temporary housing, but I wasn't expecting to be murdered in my bed and buried in the woods.

Lucky for me, we are living in a building across the street which looks nice compared to the shack-in-the-woods. I call our new home our Cinder Block Cell, or the CCC. 

We have one room and a little attached bathroom. There is a small community kitchen on our floor.

As you can see, our CC Cell is not completely up-to-date on safety standards. The white cord is mine. The rest came like that.

I left the CCC today to explore the area on foot. I went to the exchange, the commissary, the post office and the housing office. I could not buy anything or leave post because I do not yet have my super special ID.

I found a tiny birds' nest.

Look closely and you'll see several deer in the woods across the street from me. I used my phone to take a picture, so sorry it is not zoomed in more. There were about ten doe and one stag.

Please note: I do not get cell service in the CCC, so if you call me, please leave a message so I know I have a missed call. 

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