Monday, December 19, 2011

East meets west

A few years ago my sister Julie decided she was too cool for the rest us peasants. So she moved to SoCal where she could hear the ocean in her bedroom. The longer she lived in the OC, the cooler she became, threatening never to return to her home state. I decided I would never forgive her for leaving - unless she moved back.

Then on one overcast day for me and a sunny beach day for Julie, she called and announced she had a few job offers back home and she was going to come back. I was finally ready to forgive her, although I told her I did not want to be her pen pal any longer. I would rather hang out with her in person. 

A few smoggy days later, Ryan received the big phone call. The People wanted to hire him, but the permanent location was different than we were expecting; we were moving to D.C. 

So it came to pass that Julie and I were to be reunited, but only for ten short, grey days. 

Ryan and I asked her to spend one of those days with us on a play date. Here are the pictures. 

Here we are at Julie's new house, where she is using my vintage library table as a desk.

We ate lunch at the Bun Basket.

With this strange twist of fate comes accusations that I am now too snobby for my home state, leaving her behind to go sailing in my Sperrys. How dare that peasant accuse moi of being too snobby!

. . .

By the way, here are some Sperrys Julie can buy me for my sailing trips.

Also, wanna be pen pals again?

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  1. Do you think if you call me too cool in one sentence and then beg me to be your pen pal again, in the next on this public blog, I'll just forget about all the times you said me things about me for moving to California and want to be your pen pal again?? (Nice run on sentence, huh?)

    Well ok, if you put it that way I guess we can be pen pals again.


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