Saturday, December 17, 2011

Historic Savage Mill

I took a little day trip to the historic Savage Mill. The cotton mill dates back to the 1820's. The mill generated power by damning the Little Patuxent river, on which the mill stands.

Some of the old brick buildings have been turned into shops. I found a two-dollar copy of The Joy Luck Club at a bookseller's, then I ate lunch at Bonaparte Breads. 

Before I went to Savage, I stopped at the post Thrift store. I found a puzzle for 75 cents. I was excited to find something to work on in my CCC. I went to the cashier, and lucky for me, the clerk did not ask to see my CAC card. (I still do not have my special IDs. We tried unsuccessfully on Thursday morning. They said I can't get a card until Ryan gets his CAC card and he can't get his until he is in The System. And his division has not yet put him in The System.) The store only takes cash, and when I pulled out my wallet, I realized I had given all my cash to Ryan. I dug through my coins and was able to find exactly 75 cents. So things are going my way, even if it is just in small things like used puzzles.

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