Monday, January 23, 2012

The January scoop

I have not posted very much this month, but it is not because I don't love my readers. Here is what has been going on this month.

Three months apart
Ryan and I said goodbye to each other on January 9th. He traveled to [somewhere] for a three-month assignment for work. Despite my best efforts, [the people Ryan works for] would not let me go with him. So I headed back to my parents' place to spend several weeks.

My parents probably regret inviting me to stay with them since I am basically a wreck without my better half. I think about Ryan all the time, I wait all day for his phone call and then I pout because we can't be together. I worry about him and I miss him. Pull yourself together, Amy! 

Keeping busy while Ryan is away
While Ryan is off on assignment, I am trying to wrap things up on this side of the country so that I can transition to the east coast. So far, this has mostly involved gathering medical records and getting referrals to clinics near my new home. It has also involved getting things wrapped up with our move to our new apartment.

I also have plenty of projects I want to work on while I still have my mom around to help. I need to finish piecing my pinwheel quilt made with "Portugal" fabrics by Moda. I have made all the pinwheels, I now need to sew them all together.

This is the fabric line I am using to make my pinwheel quilt. "Portugal" by designer April Cornell for Moda.

Pancreatitis flare-up
The worst thing about this month has been dealing with a flare-up of my ongoing pancreatitis. I have had a surge in pain and nausea. I spent last week on a jello-and-toast diet. I have a sinus infection, which contributes to the exacerbation of symptoms. Of course the stress of being separated from Ryan has probably contributed too.

I have another procedure scheduled in two weeks. Until then, I will continue to struggle to manage symptoms. I really hope to stay out of the hospital, but honestly, that goal requires a lot of hard work to stay hydrated and to keep my pain under control. 

The past few days have been especially bad. Being nauseated for so long has really made me cranky. While I was throwing up, I was sad that Ryan was not there to hold back my hair. 

Downton Abbey
One of the best things about this month has been the return of Downton Abbey to American airwaves. In preparation for season two, I re-watched all of season one in just two days time. Now we are three episodes into season two and I am loving it. 

For the sake of snobbery, I would like to brag about seeing Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) on the London stage. It was her breakthrough role as Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion at the Old Vic Theatre. I mentioned it in my blog but mostly wrote about the food I ate. (Somehow I am not surprised.) I know I wrote about her performance in my journal, and I am anxious to look up that entry as soon as I am reunited with my stuff and I am able to unpack. I later read about a new BBC piece by Julian Fellowes and was excited to learn that my Eliza Doolittle was going to be the star. Now it seems everyone is talking about Downton Abbey and Michelle Dockery. Just remember: I knew about her first.

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