Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The gossip table

Gossiping is probably older than the oldest profession. The gossip table, however, came into play much later.

With the advent of the telephone, a lady needed somewhere to sit while discussing news with her darlings. In the days of party lines, a lady might just need a comfortable place to sit while listening in on the neighbors' phone calls. There were plenty of times when a lady needed to sit by the phone to wait for a call from an admirer.

And so the creation of the gossip table, a fashionable place for a lady to conduct her business.

Even as a lady who does not own a landline, I feel it would be fashionable, classy and possibly snobby to own a vintage telephone table. Therefore, I have started to browse online for the new furnishing for my home. Here are a few of my finds.

Stef of Girl.Inspired found an antique gossip table for ten dollars. She gave it a makeover and now has this darling gossip table in her entryway. 
It would be cool if I could follow Stef's example by salvaging a great find and updating it.

This modern cottage gossip bench is made by Southern Enterprises and can be found here. A throw pillow or chair cushion would be add a splash of color and would be a necessity of comfort. I'm thinking black-and-white toile or polka dot.

Palindrome at Home found a great gossip table on Craig's List. Table comes with a footrest which opens for storage space.

Magdeline of Ms. Magdeline Marie found this classy gossip table. This particular shade of green is not my favorite, but it still is a great piece.

Here are some ideas of vintage and reproduction telephones to add to your decor:
Clockwise from top left: Vintage Rotary Phone; 1920's black phone; vintage gas pump phone;  pink 1922-reproduction phone; Eiffel Tower phone; vintage phonesVictorian-reproduction phone; shabby chic yellow phone

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