Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flora and fauna

I have been spending time enjoying and exploring the flora and fauna in my new hometown.  I have also been suffering under the panic-inducing predicament of not having a decent camera to document my explorations. My poor Sony broke, so I am left without zooming capabilities, let alone a macro lens. (At least I have a camera in my phone, right?)

If this situation continues, I might actually have to use words to describe my discoveries. Words! Hmph.

With the help of two Audubon field guides, here is a list of bird breeds I have seen out my windows:

  • common grackle
  • great blue heron
  • canada geese
  • mallard
  • mourning dove
  • house sparrow
  • carolina chickadee
  • yellow-winged blackbird
  • red-winged blackbird
  • european starling
  • crow
  • ring-billed gull
Other backyard creature sightings include grey tree squirrels, frogs, toads, fish, shrew, shabby dumpster cats and the occasional dog.

Animals which are probably in my backyard and have not yet been encountered: 
  • mice
  • moles
  • salamanders
  • snakes
  • newts
  • skunks
  • foxes
  • raccoons
  • muskrats
  • chipmunks
  • the dreaded deer tick
Also of note, there is a demon llama living upstairs. Lady, I meant demon lady.

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