Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Kristin Chenoweth is performing a one night, solo show in Baltimore in eleven days. Kristin Chenoweth! I think my head might explode. Seeing her, just her, is on my top ten list of "Living Famous People I Want to Meet, but Since I Probably Never Will, I'll Settle for Seeing them in Concert or Giving a Lecture."

I also have a list of Deceased Famous People I Want to Meet, just in case you were wondering.

Can we put off paying hospital bills so I can go? We are already putting off buying a couch or chairs so that we can pay hospital bills. It is very expensive to be a sick girl, in case you have never been there. Very expensive. I should sell a kidney, although I don't know who would want it.


I guess this is where my overactive imagination comes in. I'll attend her concert in my head. Not like a crazy person, but like someone who is used to missing out on things because she is too sick to go. (In this case, I don't think I would be too sick to go, I am just overall too sick to pay for anything besides being sick.)

While I am at it, I might as well meet K.Chen in my imaginatory concert trip. We'll immediately become friends.

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  1. Oh, Amy, this makes me wish I were rich and could buy them for you!


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