Sunday, May 20, 2012

The spoils

I had a birthday and got totally spoiled. Yay for birthdays and for getting spoiled!

You may remember my sewing machine was an early birthday present from my mom and dad. For my big day, I sewed one border strip and pinned two others. Getting closer to finishing my quilt! I also took a nap and watched an episode of The West Wing (season 4).

My darling friend C. sent me beautiful, British perfume. She is such a great gift-giver. If gift-giving were a competition (it is, by the way), then she would always win. 

My sister Julie gave me a purse pattern and a charm pack of 1930's reproduction fabrics. Oh, how I love '30's prints!

My husband let me choose a wallet from Vera Bradley. This particular wallet in Plum Petals has a slot for my iPhone and is also a wristlet, incase I want to go without my purse. Ryan also gave me a new outfit from the Loft and took me to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.

As an added bonus, Ryan gave me new Sephora nail polish, too!

I was lucky to receive birthday greetings from lots of friends and family. Thanks, everyone, for a great birthday!

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