Thursday, June 7, 2012

We went to the zoo!

On Saturday, we made a highly-anticipated visit to the National Zoo. (You know I LOVE animals!)
Here are some highlights.

1. The drive was beautiful, since we took Connecticut Ave south through Chevy Chase. I saw about a dozen dream homes. I tried to take pictures while we were driving, but since I am just using the camera on my phone, the houses all looked like they were leaning.

White picket fence, yellow house with shutters, beautiful yard. I wouldn't mind living here.

2. I miss having a real camera. Mine has been broken for a while. I like having a nice camera to take a million pictures of every beautiful thing I see, especially details using my macro lens. Sad. This picture could have been cooler if I had a real camera.

Curvy rock wall on Harvard, where we found a great (and free) parking spot.

3. At times we felt like we were in Disneyland, since we had to pay something like nine dollars for a kiddie-size drink and wait in long lines to see the popular animals.

4. Animals! Yay!

Butterfly garden

Light-up jellyfish

Meerkat on the lookout

Panda handstand! We saw one panda, but I didn't get a good picture.

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