Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tube free

I am officially tube-free! My PICC line was pulled one week ago. This means no more hooking up to machines, no tripping over tubes and no more alarms going off at all hours. Yay!

I had been weaning off the TPN for several weeks when the PICC site got infected. The line had to be pulled, and I was okay with it because I was ready to be done with it. The PICC line was not nearly as bad as the J-tube, but I was still happy to have it pulled.

At first, the hardest part was staying hydrated, but I'm getting better at that. I'm really happy to be able to eat. My diet is still pretty restricted but I don't mind because it is so nice to actually eat. It was so hard to be hungry all the time; my compassion has greatly increased towards those who are hungry because they are unable to get sufficient food. My hunger was related to treatment for my pancreatits, but so many people suffer from hunger because of poverty, famine or war. I pray to be slow to forget how difficult it is to be hungry because I want to hold onto my increased compassion - one good thing to come from my struggle.

This picture is from July when my doctors let me try clear liquids. I was so happy to try broth and italian ice. Unfortunately, my pancreas was not as happy as I was, so I was put back on NPO (medical lingo for nothing by mouth). 

Egg whites (sometimes cooked like Mickey Mouse) are frequently a part of my diet. They are a good source of fat-free protein. 

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