Monday, April 22, 2013

My first granny square

I have initiated a Granny Square Correspondence Quilt between myself, my mom and my sister. Every month we will each complete a set of granny square blocks and give some to each other while keeping a few for ourselves. In a few months we'll have enough granny squares for a lap-size quilt. It will be fun to have each other's blocks in our finished quilts.

We are following a strip-piecing tutorial by Katy Jones on her blog Monkey Do. Here's a shout-out to Katy for providing a fabulous tutorial. Check out her blog: she creates awesome quilts. And she's British which is even more fabulous.

Here is a picture of one of Katy's Granny Square quilt tops:
After one glance, you too will fall in love with granny square quilts.

I have finished my first set of blocks. Here is my first block, finished and trimmed:

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