Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I've been listening to: part two

As I previously mentioned, I have been undergoing a media-makeover. I have fallen in love with a new podcast. (New to me, that is. If you already love this show, then shame on you for not sharing it with me!) It is called "The Thrilling Adventure Hour,"styled like an old-time radio show.

One of my favorite episodes is #130: Captain Laserbeam, "Paperback Fighter!" Being a self-professed "library junkie," I naturally loved hearing Captain Laserbeam fight the Die-brarian, who "nearly dewey-decimated half the city!" Each episode is filled with wordplay, alliteration and original music. Did I mention they have Adventurekateers? That alone is reason enough for you to give the show a try.

You can listen to podcast episodes on iTunes or at Nerdist.

Do you have a favorite podcast? Please share!

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